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David The Priest King is a unique teacher of happiness and higher self living.  As the leading thought and founding school of American Spirituality, here you will receive exclusive information reserved for those that feel connected to source and its divine powers.  

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This exclusive mentorship series involves one on one consultations with the Priest King about your current goals and how they align with your life's purpose.  We start off by identifying your highest and best life and creating a strategy to achieve the desired results.

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Pay for one class at a time or save money with a monthly subscription. We work around your needs.

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Our small beginnings on facebook channels & youtube videos created the seeds a divine collective of successful and creative higher self beings that are in tune with their abilities and talents. Having read our books and attended our classes you to are welcomed to join our network of students, celebrities, and spiritualist as we support each others development and growth through social events, conferences, and a exclusive retreats.